Dismantling of ZuluKilo is now complete! Some of the parts (engines, tail, etc) have already relocated to Manchester where Neil Lomax is busy carrying out some minor maintenance on the parts before they are refitted to the aircraft. The remainder of the airframe (the fuselage and wings) is due to be moved as soon as posssible before the end of November.

      "Save The Trident" Appeal

    In 1994, three Trident enthusiasts, known as the Trident Preservation Society restored a Trident 3B G-AWZK airliner (located at Heathrow Airport) to 99% operational condition. In five months, a tired, vandalised, and semi-derelict airliner had its dignity restored and she is now a beautifully preserved example of Britain's once great aviation industry.

    Sadly, however, all of this hard work is now at risk.

    The Trident Preservation Society has been informed that she must be removed from her current location at Heathrow, otherwise she will be scrapped.

She has been offered a place at Manchester Airport, along side that other great aviation masterpiece, Concorde. Unfortunately, the costs of such a move are quite considerable and so we have launched an urgent appeal for pledges in the hope that the Trident can make the move to Manchester and a dignified retirement. It is estimated that it will cost 68,000 to dismantle, transport and reconstruct the aircraft. We are hoping that British Airways will cover a large percentage of this cost but we still need to raise approximately 20,000 ourselves. It is our aim to achieve this through a combination of voluntary donations from the public and from corporate sponsorship - we managed to raise nearly 3,000 in the first five days of the appeal just through exposure on Internet aviation forums.

    If you would like more details, please feel free to contact them in one of the following ways:

    • by E-mail at save-the-trident@s4ssl.co.uk
    • by phone on 07767 206608
    • via the web site at http://www.zulukilo.org.uk/
    • by post at "Save the Trident" Appeal, c/o 249 Ratcliffe Road, Sileby, LE12 7PY

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