Fokker F-70/100


Development started as a short/medium- range follow-on to the Fokker-28 in 1983.
The Fokker 100 first entered service with Swissair airlines in February 1988.
The largest order in Fokkerís history  came from American Airlines when they ordered 75 of the type in March 1989. The 75th aircraft delivered to American was also the 250th example of the type.

Operated by a crew of two the aircraft has a typical passenger complement of 107 in a single-class layout. The F-100 featured a digital glass cockpit, hydraulic/manual powered principal flight control surfaces, and hydraulic/electric powered flaps, mounted on wings manufactured by Short Brothers of Northern Ireland.

Fokker 100QC
The F-100 was manufactured as a passenger/cargo Quick-Change variant that could seat 88 passengers.

Fokker also manufactured a VIP luxury transport version, called the
Executive Jet 100.

Fokker 70
In October 1992, Fokker started modifications to the second prototype F-100 aircraft, to make an airliner capable of carrying 70-79 passengers. The fuselage was shortened to 30.91 m (101 ft 4.7 in) and fitted with the engines and avionics of the F-100 to produce the Fokker 70.  Launch orders for this type came from Pelita and Sempati Air in Indonisia, with orders soon after from British Midland and Mesa Airlines, USA.
The first customer aircraft was delivered to the Ford Motor Company as a 48 seat executive transport, with first airline delivery to Sempati on 9th March 1995.

The company declared bankruptcy in 1996, and ceased production of all commercial aircraft. The last F-70 was accepted by KLM Cityhopper on 18th April 1997.
Big users of Fokker 100ís included TAM Brasil, US Airways, Mexicana, Korean Air and of course American Airlines. KLM Cityhopper operated a sizeable fleet of F-70ís.


KLM Fokker 100 Click to ENLARGE [(c)Greenough 2004)

KLM Cityhopper Fokker 100 on take off. Click to Enlarge
©Greenough 2004 

Country of origin


First Flight

 F-100: November 1986

 F-70: 4th April 1993

Entered Service

 Swissair airlines in February 1988


 278 F-100ís and 45 F-70ís


 two Rolls-Royce Tay 620 or Tay 650 turbofans, each providing
 61.61 kN, (13,850 lbf) or 67.17 kN (15,100 lbf) respectively.


 Range:    2,389 km (1,290 nm)
 Max cruise speed: 856 kmh (462 kts)


 operating, empty 24,593 kg (54,217 lb)

 Max take-off weight: 43,090 kg (95,000 lb)


  F-100: Wingspan: 28.08 m (92 ft 1 in)
  F-100:Length: 35.53 m (116 ft 7 in)
  F-100:Height:  8.5 m (27 ft 9 in)

  F-70: as above except Length: 30.91 m (101 ft 4.7 in)


 two (flight deck), maximum 107 passengers (standard 97)

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 Model by: Erez Werber



  • Two  models, simulating the Fokker-100 and Fokker-70 aircraft.
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