FS9 Gallery

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Tristar over Scotland. Flying into sunset B727 night shot over a storm, lightning strike in bottom left
B777 at default Dyce (Aberdeen), early morning B777 at default Dyce (Aberdeen), night and storm
AI Cessna Caravan, sunset over Bournemouth B727 at default KJFK, real weather via FSMeteo, raining
B777 back at Dyce, AI Dash-8 landing in background B777 climbing out from Dyce just after dawn
B777, sun rising over North Sea B777, sun set over the Atlantic
Evening sunset at Houston AI Cessna at Bournemouth again
B727 climbing through clouds B727 climbing through clouds
B727 a gap in the clouds B727 really nice 3D clouds :)
A310 on finals in heavy rain, low vis A310, deep blue skies with broken cloud

fsscreen.zip is a handy little tool which is run in the background and allows you to take screenshots while you fly without interuption.   They are stored on your hard drive allowing you to view and edit at your leisure afterwards.

FSScreen Version 1.1
by Matthias Holzer
Homepage: http://fly.to/matthias-holzer