Here is a collection of links that I have either visited and/or gathered in search engines over the years. They are all aviation related. Please report any dead ones.



  • Aerofiles U.S. Military registrations and background information
  • Air Safety Pages flying safety tips and airline security explained.
  • Air Traffic Control Association   Features position papers on safety issues from the people most responsible for the safety of commercial air flights. Regular news updates.
  • Aircraft Direct A listing site for classified ads for all types of aircraft.
  • Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Official website for AOPA.
  • aircraft type-specific history.
  • Aircraft Wrecks in Southern California A regional compendium.
  • Features many airline disasters. Good resource with many special reports.
  • Airline Codes to help you cut through the jungle of all those codes and abbreviations used in and around the Airline Industry.
  • Airline Travel Advice Tips for Cheap Flights & Airline Ticket Discounts - Air Travel Planning - Health & Safety Information - Travel News.
  • Airliners.Net Explore the  biggest aviation photo gallery online. The site includes over 50,000 photos of  all kinds of aircraft helicopters, gliders, propeller craft, jets, military, commercial and private planes even spacecraft. You can upload your own favourite aircraft photo.
  • AirNav Features info on any airport in the U.S. only.
  • aircraft parts and avionics, classified ads. Some good links.
  • Airlines:  over 350 airlines listed by global region.
  • Airplane Noise Dedicated  to making an airplane purchase simple! N-number search.
  • Aviation Bookstore Click here to search for books on aviation. Great collection!
  • Aviation History Lots of old photos and stories about old airplanes and jet fighters.
  • A great site featuring aviation history.
  • Aviation Humour Offers a great collection of jokes plus a free weekly aviation humour list.
  •   Another collection of aviation humor and books.
  • Aerospace and Defence news portal. A good source for aviation safety resources.
  • Aviation Museum Store It has an extensive range of books, clothes, gifts, models, Jewelry, posters and prints, toys and videos of interest to aviation museum visitors, young and  old.
  • Aviation Safety  Network Offers the most complete listing of current airline safety violations and accidents.
  • Avweb Aviation Magazine & News Service


  • Boeing 737 technical site. operational, mechanical and training notes; articles and photos contributed by 737 pilots and engineers from around the world





  • FAA Office of System Safety Features FAA studies and reports on near misses, controller operational errors,  weather, aviation safety databases.
  • FAA Organisations Features links to individual airport control towers, radar rooms, air route traffic control centers, etc.
  • Famous People Who  Died in Aviation Accidents More detail but not as many celebrities as those listed in the Celebrity Aviation Deaths link above.
  • The Fearless Flyer's Handbook The web site for the The Fearless Flier's Handbook: Learning to Beat the Fear of Flying With Experts From the Qantas Clinic by  Debbie Seaman
  • Federal Aviation Administration The  official site of the U.S. government agency that oversees air safety.
  • Flight Line UK - UK Airshow Information and photography
  • Flightsim Aviation Zone Flight simulation and aviation resources, news, links, glossaries, quizzes,  humor, downloads, photos, and more. A great resource.
  • The Flight Deck Features questions and answers on anything you want to know about  commercial airline operations, written by a former Northwest Airlines pilot.
  • Flite Online An online  aviation job site.
  • Fly Away A flight simulation portal with news, stories and downloads.
  • Flying Circle Graphics About  planes and pilots of the First World War.
  • Flying Toys Offers information on paper airplanes and other fun flying products.


  • Global Operators Flight Information  Resource Catering to professional flight crews, the vast majority of our users are professional corporate pilots and flight attendants. Developed to  assist the international flight crew in obtaining information for the purpose of  planning an international flight.
  • Global Plane Search   E-mail:  Aircraft ad search-engine, enabling you to search from over 25,000 aircraft for sale, lease or charter, on many quality sites from around the world.
  • Great Aviation Quotes A  wonderful collection of quotations. Great fun!


  • Haynes-Aero Features a  well-thought-out flying car with some good info on why general aviation is stagnating.
  • Hawker Siddeley 748 fansite



  • The largest and  busiest aviation web site in the world. Provides details on aviation law and  news about experimental aircraft. In addition, it provides the registration and flight details of private jets taking off around the world. Also includes a  searchable database of registered pilots and planes.
  • Live Air Traffic Control Provides links to audio sites that carry live ATC  transmissions.
  • Lost Birds





  • Planecrazy Aviation and simulation history portal, with pictures, downloads and links.
  • database of more than 3,700 airplane accidents. Great links and  other pages.
  • Plane Writing   Features the biographies of famous pilots along with essays about flying.
  • Professional Pilots  Supply shop selling pilotís gear


  • Russian Air Force Museum at Monino, Russia Monino is the premier Russian aviation museum with many experimental aircraft.
  • RC Plane Guide--Extensive guide to learning to how to fly and how to select your first rc plane,helicopter,jet,car truck & boat.An informative general rc site,good for reviews , How To, and sources of value priced RC products of any type !"


  • Scale Craft Our large selection of quality models covers every era of aviation, from the Wright  Brothers to modern military, commercial, general aviation and spacecraft. You will be proud to add each model to your collection or see the reactions from those who receive them as gifts.
  • School-Related Airplane Crashes and Other  Incidents Airplane and helicopter crashes involving schools.
  • SciJinks Provides an exciting and interactive opportunity to learn about weather and emergency preparedness.
  • Search & Rescue Belgium Web site about the SAR helicopters of the Belgian Airforce.
  • Selling to Airport Shops Do you want to sell your books or other products to airport  shops. If so, check out this page.
  • Skypooling Carpooling move  over, here comes Skypooling. For general aviation pilots who have an extra seat they would like to share on their next flight.
  • Student Pilot Experiences Reflective journal and thoughts about flying training and aviation in Australia  by Jeremy Dawes; student pilot.
  • Sukiki Company E-mail: This company sells a wallscroll (like a poster but made of fabric) with clear sharp photos of military aircraft.experimental aircraft.


  • The Ticked-Off Tourist Read about other people's experiences with the idiosyncracies of travel.
  • Thirty Thousand Feet Aviation News
  • Trident Domain Everything you ever wanted to know about the Hawker Siddeley Trident
  • Tracon: The Novel Features information about Paul McElroy's Tracon, the  can't-put-down novel about air traffic control and a two-plane accident above  the skies of Chicago. A thrilling read. Also lots of links to air traffic information.
  • Top 10 Air Traveler Safety Tips Here are some of the best safety tips to help you survive  airplane disasters.
  • Chicago OíHare ATC - source for air traffic control news and related links.



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