Splash screens

Splash screens are the intro pictures you see when Flight Simulator is loading. Instead of being faced with the same screen each time you start you can customise your simulator and add pictures of your own. For a bit of fun you can make a splashscreen of each plane you have and then fly whichever one is randomly presented on screen at startup. Wallpaper is the picture on your Windows desktop with all your icons on it, scroll down for more.

These are a series of pictures designed to be used within Microsoft's flight simulator 2002 and 2004 to replace the bland startup screen.
Just click each picture to download, they are approx. 640Kb in size each, 800 x 600 resolution.
Installation instructions are simple and included with each picture, if you know how to rename a file and cut and paste you can install these with ease.

For FS2002 I recommend using the Freeware program by Flight 1 Software and Dreamfleet http://www.dreamfleet2000.com/downloads/ssr.html
For FS2004 there are numerous programs available at the popular file sites (e.g.. avsim.com and flightsim.com).
These display pictures at random from your selection (there are sometimes extras included). There are templates available for the logo's as well.
Well now you can see what I've done, how about making some better ones of your own?
If you wish to make your own splash screens all you need to do is create a 600x800 resolution bitmap and using Imagetool.exe (supplied with Flight sim 2002) or any other good image conversion tool convert it to 16bit (555 format).

They could also be used as wallpaper for windows!