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I have gathered some files together to create a situation a little different to what you may normally find yourself doing with Flightsim.
The zip files and links create a package that includes a repaint of the default FS2004 Beechcraft Baron 58 and a scenario to fly it. Included are all the charts you will need for your destination and a routeplan created in FS2004 and FSNav formats.

The Aircraft
This is a completely unofficial repaint, not part of the UKD fleet and is not authorised by UKD. Maybe when the Boss gets back he may allow it (probably requiring some cosmetic changes), or he may not!

Beechcraft Baron 58
Cruise Speed: 200 kts (370 km) /hr
Engine: Teledyne Continental Motors IO-550-C 300 hp
Propeller: Three-bladed McCauley constant-speed, variable pitch
Maximum Range: 1,569 nm ( 2,906 km)
Service Ceiling: 20,688 ft (6,306 km)
Fuel Capacity: 142 gal (537 L)
Maximum Gross Weight: 5,524 lb ( 2,509 kg)
Length: 29 ft, 10 in (9.09 m); Wingspan: 37 ft, 10 in (11.53 m)
Height : 9 ft, 9 in  (2.97 m); Seating: Up to 6
Useful Load: 1,613 lb (732 kg)

Filesize: 966Kb

The Scenario - Who says money can’t buy you love?
A wealthy businessman has chartered you to fly him and his wife for a romantic weekend. You are to fly from Bournemouth to Paris in the Beechcraft Baron.

Your route:
BOURNEMOUTH (EGHH) to CORMEILLES EN VEXIN (LFPT): 5 fixes, 192.9 nautical miles

Cruise altitude between FL160 and FL200
EGHH (0.0nm) -SID-> HARDY (90.8nm) -M605-> XIDIL (100.0nm) -UM605->
DPE (132.7nm) -STAR-> LFPT (192.9nm)


ID     FREQ   TRK   DIST  Name
EGHH             0     0      BOURNEMOUTH
HARDY          106   91   HARDY
XIDIL            146  9    XIDIL
DPE    115.8  146   33  DIEPPE
LFPT             149   60   CORMEILLES EN VEXIN

Tracks are magnetic, distances are in nautical miles.

In the zip file are charts for STARs and airfield information in .pdf format.
Also included is a route in FSNav format and a fs2004 atc route. (file 1Mb)

Charts and plans

Recommended Scenery:
FS2004 Scenery--France-Pontoise

Name: (at
Size: 3,119,776 Date: 12-06-2003
FS2004 Scenery--France-Pontoise. France Pontoise (LFPT Corneilles en Vexin) fictional scenery with AFCAD2 file. By Claude Schmidt.

Claude describes this as ‘fictional’ even though LFPT is a real airport, I suspect he’s reffering to the buildings he has placed.

 I have uploaded the scenery file so you can get it direct from here for the time being, at a later date it may be removed but you will still find it at or

UK Direct Boeing 717-200 G-UKDB Annabel
by Jet City Aircraft for FS2002/FS2004

Model + Texture package.
Sound + Panel recommendations in zip file.

Painted October 2005


UK Direct DCH6-300 G-UKRS Octavia
for FS2002/FS2004

Texture package only.  Awaiting approval from CEO.

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